Nanolumi is a Singapore-based advanced materials company; seed funding to support customer acquisition, team expansion and commercialisation of emerging technologies in their portfolio.

Singapore, July 18, 2019 — Nanolumi, a Singapore-based advanced materials company, announced today it has secured US$1 million in seed funding to support the commercialisation of emerging technologies in their portfolio, starting with perovskite quantum dot technology which the company exclusively licenses from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Asia’s top university for chemistry.

Perovskite quantum dots are high performing semi-conductive nanocrystals with the unique emissive properties to re-create all colours in the visible spectrum, offering true-to-life colours that are extremely bright, pure and vivid; attributes that make the advanced material ideal for powering immersive displays, anti-counterfeit prevention, bioimaging and other smart lighting applications.

The funding will fuel customer acquisition, team expansion and the company’s mission to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies by translating breakthrough research and late-stage R&D projects from the lab into products and applications for the market. Nanolumi aims to be a lab-to-market leader for advanced materials by focusing on market-led innovations, an approach where solutions are developed based on a clear understanding of the opportunities and most urgent challenges faced by the industry, as well as by establishing strategic partnerships that minimise product development time and designing products mindfully to ensure they are cost competitive, scalable and compatible with existing supply chains.

“High capital costs, long product development cycles and an intensive spec-in process are uncertainties that often deter investments in advanced materials. The financing is a validation of our mission, business approach and technologies,” said Jax Lee, CEO and Co-founder, Nanolumi. “As Singapore continues her transformation to be a key node for technology, innovation and enterprise in Asia and around the world, we are proud that Nanolumi is positioned to support these goals through employment opportunities and an export-driven manufacturing business.”

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Nanolumi is a lab-to-market technology and business accelerator for market-led advanced material solutions. Founded in 2018 in Singapore, the core team comprises of cross-disciplinary individuals who are experienced industry professionals with deep technical expertise, global business experience and a proven track record for commercialising new technologies. The company’s mission is to bring advanced material and technology breakthroughs to life in applications across industries. For more information, visit

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